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A young company but with deep roots. Hard working, enthusiastic and tireless, with the intention of doing things a little better every day. Welcome to our home …

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Extra virgin olive oil of high quality that meet the expectations of the most demanding palates.

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Colonia Patricia


The seed is the beginning of any crop. This miracle of nature contains all the information that the plant will need to develop, better exploit available resources and become abundant harvest. Seeds of the best germplasm, selected and prepared for planting …

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Future seed


Few people know the path of the fiber from its rough and spiny capsule in the field to the soft cotton …

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Cotton Caresses

About Dafisa

Fachada Dafisa

Dafisa was founded in 2000, beginning its activity as a seed producer. The good progress of the company accompanied by the firm backing of its shareholders allowed the incorporation of new business lines: cotton ginning (2003) and olive oil production (2008). Currently, Dafisa has a strong industrial - logistics platform and a compact but very effective and highly qualified team that together makes Dafisa your ideal partner in both sides of the value chain of agricultural production.

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Our olive oil

Olive Oil

In the purest tradition of Cordoba, but using the latest technology we produce with care an olive oil that meets the most demanding palates. In permanent contact with our farmers, we synchronize the harvest and the processing, agreeing on the crop calendar (optimum moment), and logistic details, so that the olives takes the shortest possible time from the tree to the extraction.

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Where we are

Dafisa is located in La Carlota, Córdoba province, in the heart of Guadalquivir Valley.


Address C/ Felicito, s/n. 14100 LA CARLOTA (Córdoba)
Phone +34 957 302 066
Fax +34 957 300 990
Email dafisa@dafisa.es